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The Video Discussions No Child Left Behind - 1217 Words

Assignment Questions 1. List three things you learned about assessment and measurement in the context of the video discussions. First, within the context of the video discussions, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) represents a top-heavy approach to education with the federal government mandating reform and placing emphasis on testing outcomes. Indeed, NCLB is part of the accountability movement that has led to the development of ongoing measures that are designed to create statewide assessment systems to measure student performance in mathematics and reading and thus address areas for improvement among students not performing at passable levels in such subject areas (Ravitch, 2014). This framework has extended into the Obama administration (i.e., Race to the Top – RTTT), with an even greater importance attached to outcomes, where high-stakes testing remains the basis by which student success is defined (Ravitch, 2014). Second, measuring student progress has historically been a prevalent feature of the American public education system with respect to policy and practice. However, the underlying assumption of present accountability systems is that attaching consequences to education reform will elevate student achievement (Hursh, 2010). Using high-stakes assessments to retain/promote students and to withhold a student’s graduation diploma for not passing an exit-level examination are examples of how the current NCLB/RTTT accountability framework supposedly ensures that high schoolShow MoreRelatedDeaf Again By Mark Drolsbaugh1511 Words   |  7 Pagesbarrier caused his mother to go through a natural birth and almost lose her life because she could not tell the doctors that something was wrong. Under the circumstances that Drolsbaugh’s grandparents did whatever they could to preserve his hearing this left him with feelings that deafness is bad. This notion fostered a negative self-image. Due to Drolsbaugh’s loss of hearing he had a hard time making meaningful social connections. This affected him greatly in his dating life. As he talked about in theRead MoreEssay on S hould Vaccines Be Mandatory?902 Words   |  4 Pagesattention. I viewed the video not from the lens of a health care professional, but from the stance of a mother of a beautiful two year old little girl. As is the way of many parents, I am fiercely protective and want nothing short of the best for my daughter. Deciding what is best when it comes to mandatory vaccinations for cervical cancer is an issue being faced by parents of preteen girls all across the United States. Consequently, the commentary details the statistics behind human papillomavirusRead MoreAssessments Hold Schools, States and Nations Accountable Essay1439 Words   |  6 Pageseducators in this district know, this accountability could be seen in our state’s profienciency exam, State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR ®), formerly the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), coupled with the No Child Left Behind policies.High-stakes testing has severe implications for English langua ge learners (ELL) with language proficiency difficulties.These particular students need specific help to attain these high standards of learning. Today’s teachers, thereforeRead MoreThe Mystery Of The Internet Essay1684 Words   |  7 Pagesalways with the subject line, â€Å"Markovian Parallax Denigrate.† According to later accounts, hundreds of these messages flooded Usenet discussion groups on Aug. 5, 1996, Although Denigrate’s messages seemed utterly random their placing around the community seemed strangely deliberate. It wasn’t long before Usenet regulars began suspecting a human intelligence was behind them. Were they a message? Some kind of code? Despite some top-flight programmers and mathematicians becoming involved, no-one everRead MoreHistory Of Reading Instruction : A Book About A Dog Named Pug1144 Words   |  5 Pagesextensive research and several high profile reports from The National Reading Panel, The Committee on Reading Disabilities, and The Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement. These reports led to the federal legislation known as No Child Left Behind, many states writing their own content standards, and schools working to meet the demands of high stakes testing. Then, in June 2010, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were released. By June 2013, 45 states had adopted the Common CoreRead MoreAre Violent Video Games Are Harmful To Children And Adolescents?1729 Words   |  7 PagesTaking Sides: Violent Video Games There has been a long-standing debate that violent video games are harmful to the rising generations. The article that was selected to be critiqued is, â€Å"Are Violent Video Games Harmful to Children and Adolescents?†. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and critique the research methods and conclusions included by the author of the article. Summary Author, Steven F. Gruel, argues that there is an overwhelming amount of science and research that supports theRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Flipped Classrooms964 Words   |  4 Pagesportion of today’s class we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of flipped classrooms, which are when the student watched the lesson plan at home and comes ready to do the activity or discussion in class the next day. Some of the advantages are that the students will be engaged in the material since its video form, it helps with time management in the classroom, the student can watch the lesson plan as many times as they like, etc. I think the best advantage of the flipped classroom is that theRead MoreShould The Government Defund Planned Parenthood?1517 Words   |  7 PagesIn the past year Planned Parenthood has been the topic of discussion in the Government and political circuit. A scandalous video came out this past year from an anti-abortion group who recorded employee s of Planned Parenthood discussing the selling of fetal tissue to companies. Planned Parenthood has denied those allegations. It has been a heated argument among Democrats and Republicans, to keep, or to defund the organization. The issue was taken to the U.S. House of Representatives to discuss itsRead MoreB.1. Video Number 34, Engaging In Meaningful Play And Role1679 Words   |  7 PagesB.1. Video number 34, Engaging in Meaningful Play and Role Play to Explore Community Jobs, cultural appropriateness of the resources and learning opportunities are used by the teacher explaining the many different jobs that are in a community. B.1.a. One way the teacher in the video could have brought more cultural diversity into the classroom would be to dress in different professional job attire different days while teaching about many different jobs in the community. The teacher had dress upRead MoreMilitary Children and Deployments Essay1535 Words   |  7 Pageschildren live in the U.S. Military families (Kelly. 2003) and at least 700,000 of them have had at least one parent deployed (Johnson et al. 2007). Every child handles a deployment differently, some may regress in potty training, and others may become extremely aggressive. Many different things can happen, in most cases when a parent deploys and the child becomes difficult to handle, it can cause a massive amount of stress on the parent that is not deployed as well as added stress on the parent who is

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